Mario Group Facilities Management


About Mario Group FM Ltd.

We’re a national supplier of essential facilities management services to our valued customers who range from large corporations to government bodies and SME’s.  We built Mario Group FM from the ground up starting as Mario Clean, which quickly became a leading Scottish supplier of commercial cleaning services.  Our work takes us to the core of your business and we have an ethic of partnership and quality that emanates all we do.

Scottish roots

We were founded in 2008 in Glasgow, Scotland, we come from hardy stock and this is reflected in the strength of our business and core values.

Our journey

We have grown from domestic cleaning into retail and hospitality services.  As we expanded our core team developed quality systems that carried over to other industries and sectors, and our facilities management path was born.  

Our national reach

While we are based in Scotland, we deliver services across the U.K.

Our clients

We have clients across the industry and size spectrum that share our values as we deliver consistently high quality, essential facilities management services.  Some of our clients include:

  • Heriot Watt University
  • Tinderbox Scotland
  • Viva Brazil
  • European Metal Reycling ( EMR)
  • New City Vision Group
  • Powells Group
  • Mozza Restaurant
  • Central Building Contractor (CBC)
  • Broadcast bar
  • Sim Building Group
  • Brookland Nursery
  • Infiniti Properties Management
  • Extraspace solutions

Our people

We have a vibrant and diverse workforce and we outperform in the recruitment of ethnic minority workers.  We provide extensive training in service delivery and safety to ensure they are always highly competent and well protected.  

Leadership team

Our leadership team comprises highly experienced and successful business leaders and PhD qualified business advisors.

Accreditations and affiliations

We have a range of certifications and affiliations from internationally accredited bodies and have a QMS (Quality Management System) which is of ISO standard.

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