Mario Group Facilities Management


MGFM is trusted across Scotland to deliver essential facilities management services 24/7.

From providing a heavy duty commercial cleaning and pest removal to security personnel or receptionists, from office maintenance or waste removal or maintaining at large school gymnasiums or sports arenas, to medical equipment at hospitals to ensure patient safety, we provide the essential facilities management services that keep businesses running 24/7. We are a young ambitious company established 10 years ago in Glasgow, Scotland where we have grown rapidly from our commercial cleaning roots to expand into full service facilities management.

Our remarkable clients

A national reputation for sector expertise

We work with major corporations and SME’s along with public sector organisations across the healthcare, professional and finance, government, sports and education sectors. We believe in forming strategic partnerships with clients to deliver the essential facilities management services at the industry leading standard.

Essential facilities managed with care

Our custom services are designed to meet your unique demands and achieve your business objectives. We always strive to work with partners who share our core values in delivering sustainable and socially responsible facilities management services.

Taking facilities management to new heights

Community supporters

Diverse Recruitment

Our 2019 recruitment program will build on our success of helping parents of young families especially from ethnic minority communities find fulfilling and rewarding work.

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